In The Beginning

One Inch Punch Productions and Whole Village Moving Pictures began life 40 years ago as the seeds in a young man’s brain. Through the various twist and turns in life, those seeds finally sprouted in 2007 with a writing binge and some quality time on sets, big budget and zero budget, both giving great insight, education and desire for me to pursue my passion for storytelling.

I am so grateful to those who helped in my Film education and always pay it forward. It is not only out of obligation but from gratitude, the desire to collaborate, create and present original stories with a passion that helps inspire others.

Present Day….

One Inch Punch Productions and Whole Village Moving Pictures went into business in 2013 and since then we have produced award winning Short Films, a Feature Film, Music Videos, Commercials and Demo Reels. We are an enthusiastic, open minded, creative and hard working company. We do this for every project we undertake and we work with smiles on our faces and the task on point.

We have enjoyed working with several talented and hard working Production Companies and have developed great relationship with all of them. The future looks awesome with a T.V. Pilot pitch, multiple Film’s in development and several Films on the Festival circuit for 2018.

"Life is short, live it!"
Randy S Kirk



  • The Sandbox (TV Movie)
  • Remember Me (Short)
  • Thunder Valley (Short)
  • The Fourth Man (Short)
  • Tin Hat Tramp (Short)


  • I'll Keep You Safe (Feature)
  • Oswald and Tate (Short)
  • Plague of the Pot Rabbits (Short)
  • Temple (Short)
  • The Wind (Short)
  • Crimson and Blue (Short)
  • Live Laugh Love Cry, It's All Mind Games (Short)


  • Without Mime or Reason (Short)
  • The Dream Is Ready (Short)


  • The Phoenix Solution (Short)

In Development

  • Thunder Valley (Short)
  • Sprinkly (Short)
  • Stiletto (Feature)
  • Gracie (Feature)
  • The Runs (TV Episodes)
  • The 'A' List (TV/Web Series)