The Phoenix Solution

The Phoenix Solution

“Let all the animals out….not just some of them”

Phoenix” is the creator of a dark web chat room called “True Alchemy”. He uses the chat room to recruit a rag tag group of computer hackers and animal rights activists in order to exact perfect revenge on his former employer “Maxcorp”.
As the plan unravels so does the group and revenge goes to the bottom of the list as self preservation moves to the top!

One Inch Punch Productions – Whole Village Moving Pictures


Directed by:  Randy S Kirk
Cinematography by: William David Amendola
Written by: Randy S Kirk
Camera: Brian Taylor- Ryan Kirk- James Kalizuk- William David Amendola
Special FX: William David Amendola- Randy S Kirk
Edited by: Brian  C  Taylor
Grip: Ryan Kirk, James Kalizuk, Randy Kirk, Brian Taylor
Music: Curt Wenzlaf, Dale Pendelberry, Helmut Hampton
Locations: Daryl Carlyle, Cierra Carlyle, Robert Foord-Kal Tire
Key PA: Tosh Kilpatrick


Brian C Taylor as Phoenix
Kevin McPherson Eckhoff as Eddie
Jessica Timmons as Bonnie
Kimbo Ritchey as Clyde
Ashley Fetters as Jinx
Corky McMechan as Clint


“With the help of a rag tag group of computer hacker’s, a disgruntled former employee of MaxCorp exacts perfect revenge on the company that screwed him”


AWARDS – 2014 OSIF Horrorfest – “Best Picture” “Best Death Scene”