The Wind

The Wind

“You’ll never know who might blow into town!”

A brother and sister, Roy and Honey, are living their daily routines in a old farm house over looking the city. After the beginning of the end of civilization, a great wind has been blowing for the last seven years. People, water, and food are scarce until a stranger appears one day.

Life will never be the same!

Written & Directed by: Jim Henry
Produced by: Randy S. Kirk & Jim Henry
Executive Producer: Lauren Welch-Henry
Director of Photography: William David Amendola
Original Music by: Steve Soucy


Ruby Bullock-Spitz – Honey
William David Amendola – Roy
Elinor Day – Stranger
Nana – The Dog


Camera Op: Devon Kilpatrick
Sound: Steve Soucy
Boom: Dakota Maguire
Production Assistants: Steve Merlo, Tara J. Sway
The Dude B.C.: Clancy Maguire
Catering: Lauren Welch-Henry, Saharrah Henry
Dog Handler: Victoria Regan
Transportation: New Age Delivery
Foley: Saharrah Henry
Visual Effects: Allegiance Studios, William David Amendola